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Near Miss Campaign - What's it all about?

Hospitality Allergen Support UK (HASUK) wanted to understand the current situation of Near Miss Reporting in hospitality from the perspective of both the Food Hypersensitive [FHS] Customer and those currently working within the food service sector.

HASUK collaborated with Greenwich University to offer students the opportunity to work on projects as part of their final year project.  Sofija Putak who was a 3rd Year Hospitality Management accepted the project as part of her final year studies.

An initial meeting between Caroline Benjamin (CB), Jacqui McPeake (JMcP) and Sofija Putak (SP) established the need to produce two surveys to provide an insight into Near Miss instances from the perspective of a FHS customer and also from the hospitality industry. Such a survey would best enable us to understand best practice and potential barriers to managing Near Miss issues.

This report has been created from the results of the surveys along with feedback from participants.

Our aim for change is:
  • For Near Miss Reporting to be part of ‘Business as Usual’ in ALL hospitality outlets
  • For the FSA to update the SFBB by adding a Near Miss Reporting Template, with a summary explanation and examples of Near Miss Reporting, including how to review the issue; covering How, What & Why it occurred, and the corrective actions to prevent It happening again.
  • For the FSA to educate and inform Local Authorities – EHO’s & TSs on the best practice of Near Miss Reporting to be encouraged at all levels within the food service business.  To ensure there is a consistent message and businesses are not downgraded on the FHRS when completing Near Miss forms.
  • For UK Hospitality to update Catering Industry Guide to Good Hygiene Practice to include Near Miss Reporting as best practice
  • For Auditing / software organisations to add Near Miss Reporting as a standard within their organisation for clients.

If you would like to support our initiative then please do get in contact and tell us what your hospitality business is actively doing to report Near Miss Reporting. If you are a Software Ware organisation for reporting let us know how you manage Near Miss reporting and we will post on our Blog – coming soon……. 


We welcome feedback please click here to respond to the report and let us know your thoughts and tell us about your organisation’s good practice.

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