Hospitality Allergen Support UK (HASUK)

Review your allergen management systems today!

Let us check out your site today and advise where changes may be needed 

For a detailed quote please contact Jacqui or Caroline for more information.

We offer an indepth auditting and consultancy service which covers all aspects of your business which is covered by allergens

We forensically review your data including

  • Documentation – including policies, processes, menus, matrix’s and signage
  • We request completion of a pre-audit to understand your systems and process
  • We carry out an on site audit which can last between 2-3 hours looking at ALL aspects of your food business which.
  • We review the audit against your inhouse policy and also best practice when providing for the FHS customer
  • We rate the audit points and score the business to understand the level of competency and highlight areas for change
  • We create an in-depth report an flag critical issues immediately as appropriate to the issue and your business.
  • we create a RED, Amber, Green (RAG) action plan to help progress forward
  • Finally we review with you the findings and work to solve any issues which may need our assistance

We can also offer a mystery dining service where we test your processes prior to the audit – please click here for more information

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