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Hospitality Allergen Support is a collaboration between Caroline Benjamin – Food Allergy Aware and Jacqui McPeake of Jacs Allergen & Catering Specialists.

Jacqui and Caroline have the same ethos for allergen management and have joined forces to create a stronger force for change within hospitality to ensure the safety of the FHS customer.

Together they are working to encourage Near Miss Reporting as a best practice within hospitality businesses, eventually they would like to be see Near miss reporting included as a standard within Food Safety Management Systems to prevent further fatalities within the FHS community. With this in mind they campaigned last year and have created a report to impress on food service businesses across all sectors the need to use a Near Miss reporting tool, and share issues they have experienced in anonmised way to ensure no one else has the same issues.

Food Safety is NOT a competition

Who we are!


Caroline Benjamin - Food Allergy Aware

Caroline Benjamin founded Food Allergy Aware in 2013 to assist the hospitality industry with compliance for the incoming FIR regulations (1169/2011) in December 2014.  Since then, the business has grown and with over 40 years of experience in the industry, alongside her connections across all sectors, she is known as the “go to” for Allergen Information in the hospitality industry.

Caroline has won awards for her training programs and has also had the opportunity to present events across many sectors including hospital, schools and international training and conferences with locations including Dubai and Hamburg.  She has worked closely with industry associations such as the Institute of Hospitality, SOFHT, the Horticultural Trade Association and Hospital Catering Association to name but a few, providing professional resources for each organisation.

Caroline‘s mission is to spread the word to all those involved in the catering industry, that providing for the Allergy Reactor community is a Unique Selling Point, and to demonstrate how it will raise the profile of their business. This is highlighted by the provision of resources on the Food Allergy Aware website,  and includes supplier & services information, free-from recipes and fact sheets which can be used as a training aid for any business serving food. These resources are shared through a free newsletter which can be easily accessed by clicking here.

Caroline believes that working collaboratively leads to working smarter, and so she has joined forces with Jacqui McPeake to offer an unrivalled service across the UK. Caroline in based in Southampton and Jacqui is based in Manchester, so together they are able to cover the whole country.

If your business requires a review of its Allergen Management System, staff training, or a full Allergen Business Audit, then Hospitality Allergen Support UK is available to help. We offer a FREE 20-minute consultation to discuss your individual requirements so please contact Caroline or Jacqui  on the numbers below:


Jacqui Mcpeake - JACS - Jacqui's Allergen & Catering Specialist

Jacqui McPeake is the Director and Founder of JACS Ltd. Following a successful career in the hospitality industry, Jacqui founded her business in 2018. Jacqui worked predominantly in the University Sector, leading her award -winning team to lead the way in managing allergens in a busy University. As the number of students with food allergies is rising, Jacqui motivated her team to ensure that the students at the University where she was Head of Catering for 10 years were catered for in a safe and friendly environment. Jacqui led her team to win awards for the pro-active approach in managing allergens and Jacqui herself has won awards for the work she has done to raise awareness of food allergies.

Jacqui’s passion to ensure that consumers can eat safely and to raise awareness and understanding of this topic is due to her own experience as a parent managing food allergies and intolerances for her daughter. At 14 years old her daughter suddenly developed food allergies and intolerances to a range of food groups and Jacqui witnessed first -hand, the daily frustrations experienced by her daughter with her restricted diet.

Jacqui now utilises her experience as a professional caterer and as a parent to share her knowledge with others to help them navigate Food Allergen Management in a busy kitchen environment with sensible, common-sense approach.

Jacqui is also often asked to speak at events to help raise awareness of this topic. Jacqui has presented a talk at the LACA conference, The Food Allergy Show, Highfield Qualifications trainers Forum and has delivered workshops at the NACC Training Forum, Pace Training Event, and at a Regional ASRA meeting. Jacqui always leaves her audience with much more knowledge and awareness of the topic than when they sat down.

The opportunity to collaborate with Caroline is an exciting opportunity for both of us to share knowledge and resources and offers a unique service across the UK. HASUK offers a range of services to support clients and help them to make sure all their customers can eat safely regardless of their dietary requirements.

Our Near Miss Report

Jacqui & Caroline are very passionate about keeping the FHS customer safe and working with the food service sector to ensure they have the best processes in place to do this.  ‘A  Near Miss  is a  FREE Gift’ and may stop a potential fatality from occurring.  To find out more visit –

Near Miss Reporting




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Listen To Tanya & Nadim Ednan-Laperouse

If you need a reason to make difference in your food business, please listen Natasha’s parents on their journey for making change happen.  Tanya and Nadim spoke at the Hospital Caterers Forum   in March 2022.  They talk of their struggles to make the changes needed and their courage and passion to have no other family suffer in the way they have.  

  • Tanya – up to 14 minutes
  • Nadim – up to 36 minutes
  • Panel session – 59 minutes